EdenCrete works with diverse industries and markets to achieve their construction goals.

Water & Transportation

Nothing is harder on concrete than water, weather, and wheels. EdenCrete’s® Low Permeability and Abrasion Resistance makes it the ideal choice for water distribution, including spillways, bridges, and reservoirs. A denser concrete bond throughout the structure reduces water absorption, preventing both cracking and steel corrosion.

When it comes to improving highway construction, EdenCrete® delivers superior Abrasion Resistance to surfaces, greatly reducing abrasions, impact craters and general wear. In the Georgia Department of Transportation highway field tests, EdenCrete® helped boost abrasive resistance for GDOT Class 24-Hour Accelerated Concrete by 58%.

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Industrial & Precast

For Industrial projects or precast structures that require exacting formulations and exceptionally strong concrete slabs to stand up to the harshest conditions and loads, EdenCrete® can improve the following properties of your concrete as indicated*. Reducing Shrinkage by 39%. Increasing Abrasive Resistance by 58%. Reducing Permeability by 54% Increasing Compressive Strength by 41%. Increasing Tensile by Strength by 46%. Increasing Flexural Strength by 32%. One admixture. Multiple strength gains.

*Mix design (i.e., EdenCrete® dosage) dependent

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Construction & Roadways

Because carbon nanotubes are many times lighter and stronger than steel, EdenCrete® is the ideal additive for increasing the tensile and flexural strength for concrete beams, walls, and suspension slabs needed for buildings.s have been able to reduce or even eliminate the need for some reinforced steel, as well as reduce the cost of poured slabs by 45% without impacting the overall integrity of the structure.

Roadways wear better and last longer with greater Abrasion Resistance and greatly Reduced Permeability and Shrinkage. In the Georgia Department of Transportation highway field tests, EdenCrete® helped boost abrasive resistance for GDOT Class 24-Hour Accelerated Concrete by 58%.

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Increase in Abrasion Resistance


Increase in Compressive Strength


Increase in Tensile Strength

EdenCrete® is a proprietary formula that’s proven to dramatically outperform other admixtures in both laboratory and field tests. It optimizes tensile and compressive strength while maintaining compatibility with other properties.

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