How EdenCrete Works

What are carbon nanotubes?
These submicroscopic cylinders of carbon, roughly 1/50,000th the width of a human hair, have revolutionized dozens of industries and thousands of products from aerospace applications to electronics to sporting equipment. Why? Carbon nanotubes provide 100-300 times improvement in tensile strength over steel (type dependent) and are 30 times stronger than bulletproof Kevlar, yet extremely light. These carbon nanotubes create enhanced bonds at the interfacial transition zone between the cement paste and the aggregate, resulting in superior pullout capacity and greater aggregate fracture when failure is reached. Simply put, the aggregate breaks before the concrete does.
How does EdenCrete® make concrete tougher?
Good question. When added to concrete mixtures, EdenCrete® carbon nanotubes fill in spaces at the nanoscopic level between the hydrated cement particles. When concrete dries, instead of leaving porous openings that would allow water to penetrate or cracks to develop, these nanotubes create millions of flexible, strong carbon bridges throughout the structure. These carbon bridges greatly improve resistance to failure caused by bending stresses, resulting in greater resistance to abrasive wear and crack propagation. In fact, not only does EdenCrete® make concrete stronger, we believe it can also increase concrete longevity beyond traditional expectations.
Tested for consistent, reliable results.
EdenCrete® has undergone extensive research and development, laboratory testing, and field trials in different environments and projects around the globe. It has been vetted and allowed for use by the Georgia Department of Transportation for construction and maintenance projects in Class 24-Hour accelerated strength concrete mix applications and Class B concrete applications.

If your goal is to produce high-quality concrete, we’d love to speak to you about how EdenCrete® can optimize your current arsenal of concrete mixes.

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